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iP-TEC Plank  for Petri dish

iP-TEC(R) Plank for Dish Cover suitable for dia.90mm (1pc)

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Open vessel Live Transportation Device

This is a tertiary bag custom made for hand-carry when the researchers themselves transport the cells.
We solve problems about self-adhesive film cover. This cover does not use adhesive, you do not have to worry touching risk culture medium. Possible to smooth open, we can avoid contamination risk also.
Cover consists of 2 parts. thin part, necessary to ventilation, thick part, sealing vessel. Possible to seal smoothly at vessel opening with ultra low hardness.
Cover enables less quantity of culture medium with its shape, prevents flapping. Also prevents cell and biomedical tissue at the time of transportation.
*nonsterile. *Package separately. *It can be used alcohol. *Caution)Can not be used autoclave.


Size(mm)dia.96 x 5H